Reads files in FASTA format are required as input (See the figure below as example). User can also use FASTX toolkit to convert their data in FASTQ to FASTA format.

In order to minimize the size of uploaded files, we recommend the users to upload tag files, that will combine the identical reads into unique tags (figure below. e.g. "t0000001" = unique tag ID, "2397630" = reads count).

To further minimize the size of uploading files, users can use 7-Zip (for Windows) or tar -zcvf compressedFile.tar.gz uncompressedFile*.fasta command (for Linux, Mac OS) to compress the reads or tag file into *tar.gz format file. Also each tar.gz file must contain only one fasta file and with no subdirectory.

Notice: Both reads file and tag file should be in FASTA format and should not contain any adapters. User can use cutadapt to remove the adapter.

User can use tools provided on our server to convert FASTQ format into FASTA format and to compress it into *tar.gz. Click to view detailed information.