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Parameters for isomiR detection

Parameters for target analysis

Parameters for group analysis


Queue of isomiR detection

Queue of target analysis

General results

Results index

Genome mapping results

Length distribution of genome mapped reads

Chromosome distribution of genome mapped reads

miRNA family matching results

Percentage of mature miRNAs are processed from 5' or 3' arms of hairpin precursor


Addition or trimming at 5’ or 3’ end

Template or non-template nucleotide addition at 5’ or 3' end

Non-template nucleotide addition at 5’ end are further classified according to the first non-templated nucleotide (A, C, G, T type)

Internal modification without seed shifting

Internal modification with seed shifting

Detailed results

Check detailed results

Detailed results


Single sample

Expression of mature miRNA

IsomiR constitution

Classification of isomiRs belong to a miRNA

Paired samples

Differentially expressed mature miRNA

Differentially expressed isomiR

Group analysis results

Alignment and annotation

How to access the alignment page

Alignment page



Perform target analysis via alignment page

Target analysis results

Target prediction

Enrichment analysis


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